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Don Reimer is a seasoned entrepreneur, entrepreneurial educator, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with more than fifty years of experience. He has extensive international experience conducting numerous seminars and workshops as well as serving as a keynote speaker. Don has authored and contributed to numerous articles on entrepreneurial thinking, strategy formulation and implementation. He is passionate about entrepreneurial education, innovative thinking and the role of entrepreneurship in economic empowerment and development. Don brings a dedication, passion and enthusiasm that is both engaging and motivating. His extensive experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education has proven to be the cornerstone of his engaging style. Don is an innovative thinker who brings imagination and creativity to his engagements. He embraces the concept and process known as the science of innovation. Don is committed to creating awareness and understanding of the process of innovation.

Don serves on the Alumni Board of Lawrence Technological University, International Planning Committee of the Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management Society International and has been elected a Fellow of the IEOM Society. He is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Engineering of Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan. Don has presented papers on innovative thinking and entrepreneurial education at the American Society of Engineering Education. He has previously participated in the Kern Entrepreneurial Education Network and the Coleman Foundation. Don earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Lawrence Technological University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit.



  • Experienced entrepreneur

  • Launched and grew numerous business enterprises

  • College Professor in Management,  Entrepreneurial Engineering, Structured Approaches to Innovation for Engineers and the Business Model Canvas

  • Extensive international experience conducting workshops and seminars in Indonesia, Malaysia, U.A.E., Turkey, Morocco, Colombia, France, Republic of South Africa and India

  • Consulting and coaching for individuals, profit and non-profit organizations

  • Entrepreneurial curriculum development

  • Extensive background working in diverse environments

  • Keynote or lead speaker at over 30 conference world-wide. Latest conferences are highlighted below:

Prior to my experience with the IEOM Society International, I participated in other events including the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), National Inventors and Colligate Innovator Alliance (NCIIA), United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurs (USABSE), Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN), The Indus Entrepreneurship organization, City of Southfield Michigan, Colligate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and the National Association of Black Engineers (NABE)  I have conducted workshops for the City of Detroit, the Michigan Department of Transportation and other State of Michigan Organizations. I have conducted a symposium for Eaton Corporation on Corporate Entrepreneurship in Battle Creek, Michigan – May, 2014


Business and Individual Coaching

  • Entrepreneurial evaluation

  • Idea and concept assessment

  • Validation of value proposition

  • Business model guidance


Entrepreneurial Curriculum Development

  • Problem Based Learning exercises

  • Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Engaging entrepreneurial alumni

  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial courses

  • Entrepreneurial faculty training 

Keynote Speaker

  • Organization conferences

  • Trade association events

  • Special events

  • Company meetings


  • Conferences

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Company annual meetings

  • Trade association meetings



Some of Don’s favorite career highlights include launching the first African American McDonalds in the city of Detroit, launching the first minority beer distributor in the state of Michigan (Schlitz and Carlings Black Label), assisted in the launching of a $200 million logistic company, developed the original business plan of TruGreen, lead consultant for a flour and corn tortilla and chip business now with distribution in over 150 major off-premise locations, provided guidance to multiple Lawrence Tech students who have launch extremely successful businesses and still look for continued guidance, and is known amongst his work colleagues as the man who helped put “dough” in pizza with helping multiple pizza franchise owners.

“I have known Don for over ten years as a colleague at Lawrence Tech and through the IEOM Society. He has provided outstanding counsel and guidance in the growth and development of our organization around the globe. Don has advised and guided many students in their quest to become successful in their careers. His entrepreneurial thinking and lifelong knowledge is unparalleled. IEOM Society conference participants around the globe have enjoyed his engaging and friendly manner. Don has a mentoring style that is truly remarkable and one that has reached people around the globe.”

- Ahad Ali, Ph.D. Executive Director, IEOM Society International

“Over the years I have come to depend on Don for his advice and counsel in growing our business. He has worked as a professional consultant with Hacienda Mexican Foods from its inception. Don’s knowledge, experience and passion have always been there for our company and we deeply appreciate his professionalism.”

- Lydia Gutierrez, President, Hacienda Mexican Foods, L.L.C.

“I met Don at Lawrence Tech where he served as the coordinator for the A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Board. He was very instrumental in developing a new course that focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset for engineers. Don brings innovative ideas and passion to delivering the course material to his students.”

- Thomas Nealssohn, SRG Global, Senior Innovation Manager

 “There are consultants and there are experienced consultants!  Donald Reimer is an experienced consultant. He was able to lend his wealth of experience, network, and resources to assist one our clients. In doing so, we were able to provide measurable and sustainable results."

- Laura Sigmon, Best Practices Consulting Services, L.L.C

“I have known Don almost since the very inception of my business. He was very helpful and supportive during some very difficult years during the development of my company. Don listened and provided guidance when I needed it most.”

- Tanya R. Allen, President, Forever Fresh Disposable Products

“I met Don while I was a young architectural student at Lawrence Tech. He was responsible for planting the seed that created the business that I founded more than 30 years ago. Don challenged me and changed the direction of my life in a very positive way. I admire his commitment, passion and entrepreneurial spirit.”

- John S. Ezzo, CEO, New Image Building Services

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