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From Detroiter Magazine | By Chris Mead 

The Birth of a Business 

About John Ezzo and his Mount Clemens-based business which cleans more than
16 million square feet of office and commercial space in three states.

From Detroiter Magazine | By Donald Reimer 

Teaching tommorow's entrepreneurs

What makes someone decide to go into business for themselves? The truth is - independent business owners are made, not born.

From Corporate Detroit | By Donald Reimer & Ravi Nayar

How to think strategically

Many owner/managers of small companies move in too many different directions at the same time.
But a well-defined mission can give them much needed focus and purpose.

From Expanding Small Business | By Donald Reimer & Ravi Nayar

Expansion: Is it the right time for your company?

Expansion should be the result of an overall corporate strategy -
not a reactive move to solve a particular operating problem in the company.

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